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Real ID Act goes into effect this year: New rules for Georgia drivers license

9/11 causes drivers license changes in Georgia and other states.
9/11 causes drivers license changes in Georgia and other states.
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If you live in Georgia and you have had to renew your drivers license in the last couple of years you know that for the first time in the history of the state you are being asked to present special documents in order to obtain a new license. And it is a big inconvenience for many to have to purchase a new birth certificate or dig out a marriage license or divorce decree in order to renew a driver's license they have held for years. But blame it on the 9/11 terrorists.

USA Today points out on Jan. 22 that Georgia is but one of the states having to inconvenience their citizens because four of the 19 terrorists in 2001 managed to get on board a commercial airline using a state-issued drivers license when they should not have been able to do so.

But some states are still refusing to become compliant to the Real ID Act, even though it goes into effect in April 2014. And the citizens who live in their states may be unable to board commercial airlines as a result. Those states include Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma and Washington state.

It has been more than a decade since that fateful day when many American lives were lost so tragically, but even now terrorist threats and activities around the world make it necessary to stay diligent about preventing a repeat attack. And the drivers license act Congress proposed back in 2005, which George W. Bush signed into law in May of that year, is one of the ways in which our nation plans to prevent terrorists from gaining access to planes and more in the future.

And while Real ID has been met with stiff opposition from those on both sides of the political fence, as well as those concerned about invasions to civil liberties, it is moving forward this year despite the fact that the federal government under the Obama administration has delayed enforcement of it four times since 2008.

To learn what items you need to take with you in order to renew your drivers license in the state of Georgia click here.

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