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‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ boycott? Gretchen Rossi fans not watching

The new season of Real Housewives of Orange County hasn't aired yet, but there is a tide wave of anger already coming towards the show. While many fans are wondering what the show will be like without Gretchen Rossi, there are many viewers who don’t care and suggest they are boycotting the show. According to WetPaint on Thursday, the star knows that the show won't have her fans watching when Season 9 begins on April 14.

The reasoning for Gretchen Rossi not being on upcoming season really doesn’t seem to matter to her fans. The more important issue is the star won’t be in front of the camera and the closer it gets to the new season, the louder the fans are becoming. Gretchen acknowledged on Thursday there was plenty of fans who were upset about the decision.

There is something to be said about loyal fans and reality stars. While some celebrities just offer up a smiling face on a show, stars like Gretchen Rossi have fans that are so loyal that they won’t be crossing the Bravo line to even watch the show.

The social media pull that Gretchen Rossi has is nothing to sneeze at and she is extremely popular in Southern California. With over 675,000 followers on her Twitter and people coming out to meet her at events all around Orange County (and beyond) the decision to let her go from the season has created quite a stir.

Will The Real Housewives of Orange County survive without Gretchen Rossi on the show? Can a boycott by her fans actual initiate her returning in the future? Only time will tell if the cast change was a good choice.

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