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Real Housewives of New Jersey spoiler, Teresa Guidice indictment charges

Devoted fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise have been wondering what is to become of the next season of the show ever since the legal woes of Teresa Guidice and her husband Joe hit the airwaves. In a season preview revealed by KPopStarz on June 9 it appears that despite the pending legal issues and possible jail time facing the Guidice's, the show will go on. Spoilers released by KPopstarz on June 9 show that the Guidice family drama will play out in all of its glory come July 13, which will be just days after the sentencing of Teresa Guidice and her husband Joe Guidice according to The Christian Post on June 9.

March 2014 Teresa Guidice and her husband Joe Guidice prepare for court to face multiple federal fraud charges.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The Christian Post has also released some quotes from Teresa Guidice, stating that she is "terrified" of the possibility of jail, and is writing a new tell all to chronicle every detail and every minute of her legal nightmare and the aftermath. Sentencing for the Guidice's will occur on July 8 of this year according to the Daily Mail.

The legal dramas of the Guidice family are familiar to those that have been following the show Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1. Although the first season did not contain many of the problems that are now facing the Guidice's, many allusions were made to their ongoing financial dramas. In the previous season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, the current legal matters facing the Guidice's was a long list of matters that included everything from driving related offenses to fraud charges.

The Guidice's have also gone through a bankruptcy while being a cast member of the Real Housewives franchise. At the time of press, Teresa and Joe Guidice avoided a trial by pleading guilty to fraud charges, and await sentencing for those convictions. The charges the Guidice's have pled guilty to are included in a 39 count indictment in the slideshow here.

The charges include several years of fraudulent activity where bank loans, home equity loans, lines of credit, and mortgages were obtained by or withdrawn from by either Joe or Teresa between the years of 2005 and 2008 under false pretense. Included in the list of claims of false pretense for Teresa Guidice, are charges where she claimed she was employed by a certain corporation, when in fact not only was she not employed by that company, but not employed at all at the time.

Additional charges as seen in the indictment excerpts in the slideshow here include bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud, false declarations, false oaths, and tax evasion. The Guidice's basically lied about everything.

Until now, the public had been led to believe that tax evasion was the reason Teresa and her husband were undergoing this horrific public and legal nightmare. Now the public learns that tax evasion appears to be the least of the problems facing the Guidice's.

At that time of the incidents stated in the charges, Teresa Guidice was taking out mortgages one year after another over one million dollars, when many other Americans were losing everything due to the infamous burst of the real estate bubble. Included in those charges are conspiracy counts, fraudulent use of U.S. service, and bank fraud, with amounts listed in the indictments totalling over $5 million dollars.
In March of this year 42-year-old Teresa Guidice and her 42-year-old husband Joe Guidice plead guilty to multiple charges of fraud in New Jersey federal courts. In addition to deportation, Joe Guidice is facing a possible 37 to 46 months in prison. Teresa Guidice is facing a possible 21 to 27 months in prison.

These are the lives of the rich and famous reality television stars whose show is based on the premise of how fabulous life is 'behind the gates'.

Viewers that enjoy watching the ugliness of the Guidice drama play out in all of its fabulous detail will not be left disappointed when it comes to the next season which will begin airing on Bravo television on July 13. Andy Cohen, host of the Real Housewives franchise reunion shows told E! News that,"there's going to be a lot in there that's going to be quite dramatic and different than anything we've ever seen before."

In the Guidice family, a Christening isn't complete without a good table flipping. Does Andy Cohen mean viewers can expect even more drama than that?

Time will tell, and the next season promises to air every speck of dirty laundry hanging on the lines of the Real Housewives of New Jersey come July 13. And, what viewers will miss from that drama can be caught up in Teresa Guidice's upcoming tell all which will reportedly reveal every dirty detail of the horrendous legal nightmare she and her husband are going through right now.
A source told Radar Online,

"Teresa's covering all of the tough times that she's going through. Everything, including how she's prepping the family for jail time for Joe and maybe even her, which she is praying doesn't happen. And she's going to admit everything that really happened, as well as her fears about jail. She is staying quiet to write and to make sure she has the sentencing details and aftermath in there."

The source was referring to the fact that Teresa was noticeably absent in all promotional events for the upcoming season airing on Bravo TV July 13. The source told Radar,

"The network obviously wanted her there and wanted her to talk about her legal problems because they are in the show, but she just isn't willing to do any press right now. Bravo is totally stuck with Teresa. Teresa is terrified of making a wrong move between now and her sentencing. She's praying that she gets only house arrest or even probation."

Martha Stewart spent time in jail for only four counts of finance fraud, and the total loss reported only amounted to approximately $51,000. Do you think the Guidice's deserve house arrest or have they earned jail time? Do you think she should be writing a book about her biggest relationship problems and dirtiest secrets right now?

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