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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ spoiler: Lisa Vanderpump is ordained minister

Lisa Vanderpump is an ordained minister
Lisa Vanderpump is an ordained minister
Lisa Vanderpump/TLC

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might have saved the best episode for last. The fans got to see an entire season of bickering, three explosive reunion shows, but the final show of the season on Monday night is full of cool facts about the cast. The episode is called Secrets Revealed and for good reason as viewers are going to learn a few secrets about the cast. So what type of secrets will these ladies share with the fans? Well, nothing quite ordinary. In fact Bravo’s sneak peek revealed on Friday shared that several of the ladies have surprises that came up when taping the show.

“We have one more episode thank you,” tweeted Lisa Vanderpump from her official Twitter account on Saturday about the upcoming show. She reminded fans to watch the show on Saturday as she has a big surprise.

What could this surprise be? Well Lisa Vanderpump became an ordained minister during the time of the taping for the Bravo show. The extraordinarily moment was touching to watch as the star shares just how much it means for her to help couples tie the knot. And instead of throwing this juicy bit of news into one of the episodes, Bravo saved it until the end so fans could appreciate the moment.

Suggesting she will be wearing a pink robe during her officiating, Lisa Vanderpump definitely is going to be officiating over quite a few weddings in Hollywood. It’s a charming idea and since she already has several great restaurants in Beverly Hills perfect for small weddings (or even wedding parties) people will be flocking to see if they could use her services. The thought of Lisa Vanderpump being an ordained minister is absolutely charming. And quite a surprise too!

Watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday, April 7, to see Lisa share her news with the cameras rolling.