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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star NeNe Leakes: Did she quit or get fired?

Was NeNe fired or did she quit "Real Housewives of Atlanta"?
NeNe Leakes/Instagram

It's really looking like NeNe Leakes won't be back for season 7 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Rumors have been swirling about "RHOA" since the reunion special and many have said NeNe got fired. A tweet from NeNe herself makes it sound more like she left the Bravo hit on her own terms according to the New York Daily News on Thursday.

Previous reports are saying NeNe Leakes was fired from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and list a number of reasons. The most popular theories are that NeNe has achieved diva status (in her own mind) and is now asking Bravo for way too much money. Another rumor is that Andy Cohen ran out of patience for NeNe and set out to prove that she is not the show and "RHOA" will be plenty successful without her.

The thing is, both theories are plausible. Leakes has made statements about being the veteran on the show and has bragged about which housewives she had a hand in getting hired. She has also claimed to be the protagonist on the show. NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore go back and forth about who is the protagonist, each claiming the title for herself. Both are right though too, they are competing for who is most dramatic and it is exhausting for viewers.

With NeNe's televison experience on her resume, she probably does feel like she deserves more money. The problem is, she has no current television projects. "Glee" is in it's final season this fall and "The New Normal" was cancelled. Leakes does have an upcoming guest appearance for Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity but it's not a permanent gig.

In any case, it looks like NeNe won't be back next season. Of course that is not confirmed by Andy Cohen or by Bravo and they will drag out the announcement as long as possible. The mystery surrounding the cast of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" for the upcoming season is a sure way to keep the interest of reality TV fans who have a notoriously short attention span.

As for the tweet responsible for the rumors that NeNe quit, it reads like this:

Good morning tweetie pies! Never continue n a job u don't enjoy! Follow ur passion & success will follow u! Hav a great day[sic]

That really isn't enough evidence to determine Leakes' employment status or whether she was fired. What it does do though, is stir up speculation and keep the rumor mill flowing. The way things are looking with other shows though, if NeNe wants to stay on TV then she might want to close her mouth and grab that peach.

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