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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' part 3 reunion

The final installment of a three-part reunion series of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” aired Sunday night and ended with a lot of uncertainty. There are a lot of friendships hanging in the balance and we are still unclear who will be returning next season.

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Phaedra Parks
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Both NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore hinted at the possibility of not returning. By a show of hands how many people agree? NeNe and Kenya are not at risk of becoming best friends anytime soon. Looking back at past interviews and show clips, it appears that NeNe may be a little threatened by Kenya. NeNe hinted that although Kenya is good for the show, as far as drama is concerned, she is not good for her paycheck.

NeNe told Arsenio Hall on his late-night talk show when she negotiates her contracts, she has to fight for higher pay because a certain cast member uses shady business tactics to low-ball her. “what’s good for the network is you can hire people who are willing to do anything for a $1.50, so when I get ready to negotiate and ask for $10, I can’t even get it because you are going to do it for a dollar.”

The two hour finale was punctuated with the husbands joining the ladies on the couch to clarify any misconceptions about their behavior on the show. Peter made light of NeNe calling him a “Bitch” by biting into a peach impersonating himself as a housewife.

Apollo Nida must have picked up a few tips on how to throw shade because he certainly read Kenya like a book. He blatantly told Kenya he is her “story-line” and without him she has no relevance. “I’m your story-line,” he scolded her. He insisted she should be paying him for using him as a ploy to make her relevant on the show. Phaedra Parks finished Kenya off rendering the always outspoken former beauty queen completely speechless.

Phaedra reminded Kenya while she is making accusations about her husband and father of her children; she is sifting through catalogs searching for a father for her unborn children. “While she is sitting around talking about my husband-the father of my children- she spends her weekends peddling through sperm banks looking through catalogs to try to find a donor...”

This season ended in such disaster, it’s hard to visualize how they will make a comeback.

What was your favorite moment of the reunion?

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