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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Men Speak on Finale

Fans were eager to learn what Apollo Nida had to say during the 'Real Housewives' finale.
Fans were eager to learn what Apollo Nida had to say during the 'Real Housewives' finale.
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Solei

The last day of the three-day finale for the Real Housewives of Atlanta meant that fans would finally get the chance to hear what the RHOA husbands had to say. Since Apollo Nida was arrested on fraud and identity theft charges, fans have been waiting to find out what Apollo would reveal. To some, it was surprising that he even appeared on the finale.

All he would say was that he would let the events play out. Basically, he would wait and see what would happen. He had a special message for Kenya. He told her that she better hope that she stays around since he was her storyline. He added that just in case he is gone (held in jail) he'll leave an address for her, so she could put some money on his books. Next, he responded to comments that he made at the RHOA sleepover. Fans might remember that he bragged about spending thousands of dollars in strip shows. He minimized his comments, by stating that sometimes he does spend money in strip clubs with colleagues, and he addressed NeNe's previous comment, during the sleepover episode. At that time, she said that Apollo should have been spending that money on his children. Apollo's comeback pointed out that NeNe spends thousands of dollars on her shoes. What could NeNe say? He was telling the truth.

Other fans were curious about what Peter Thomas would bring to the finale after some people have said that he had been too vocal in this season. Does Peter have to take a backseat to the ladies when he has a problem with one of the female cast members? NeNe Leakes thought that he should tell his wife, Cynthia, if he disagreed with another of the females on the show, per some unwritten rule that men should not get into the women's gossip, discussions, disagreements (or just about anything else concerning the ladies on the show). Peter actually embraced the statements from people who say that he should have a peach (like the other ladies in the RHOA intro). He brought his own peach and to the finale and took a big bite out of it. He handled those snide remarks well, didn't he?

Of course, everyone is talking about how Phaedra calmly told Kenya off. Kenya had nothing to say at all when Phaedra told Kenya that the former beauty queen visits sperm banks on the weekends, while Phaedra spends time with her husband.