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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Kenya Moore says goodbye to Velvet at dog funeral

Kenya Moore
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Kenya Moore finds herself deep in grief on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale. The reality star already shared she was suffering after the tragic accident that took her beloved animal and now she gathered with friends to give the pet a proper send off. According to WetPaint on Friday, the fans are going to have a chance to see the funeral held for Velvet on the season finale. The dog that was part of Kenya’s life for the last seven years.

In the preview, Bravo shares the anguish that Kenya Moore faced with the loss of her dog. Upset beyond words, she found the love of her four-legged pal to be a bond that had unconditional and gave her great comfort. Now that Velvet is gone, Kenya seems to be dealing with grief that is uncontrollable and shared a glimpse with all the fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As most dog owners know, it is a tough to lose a pet. Getting attached to an animal offers up an opportunity that brings joy, love and sometimes the best moments of the day. Then the animal is gone a very painful void is left.

Some viewers were upset to learn that cameras were brought to Velvet’s funeral. Radar Online called the idea “morbid.” Obviously these folks don’t have a close relationship with a pet or found that sharing this part of an individual’s life was not very interesting.

Deaths of family pets often have funerals and many people even have remembrance parties after an animal passes too. It might not be as fancy as a funeral for a person, but it is just as personal. Anyone watching Kenya's send off recognized that large wreath and dog picture certainly did have a lot of human qualities attached to the moment.

This episode involving Kenya Moore was taped a while back, but it is pretty obvious that Kenya Moore is still very much bummed. It’s a difficult way to end the reality show season finale too.

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