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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast teamed up before reunion: Kenya Moore hated?

Kenya Moore
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion” should have been renamed to “Kenya Moore’s Hour of Power” on Sunday night. The first of a three-part reunion series was aired and the fans got to hear Kenya talk about her dog, her so-called boyfriend, issues with the other cast members and she got into a brawl with Porsha Stewart. According to Reality Tea on Monday, the cast sat down with Andy Cohen to talk about the season, but it was mostly Kenya Moore who did the talking.

While the Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart fight was the highlight of the evening, fans paid particular attention to what NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks said to Porsha when she was laying on the floor of the set. Instead of suggesting she was wrong to grab at Kenya Moore, they insisted that they already talked about how to handle Moore’s antics.

“Listen to me Porsha,” said NeNe Leakes with her hand over Porsha Stewart’s mouth. “Don’t do it. We already had this talk.”

She wasn't the only one who confirmed they talked to Porsha prior to the reunion show. In fact Phaedra Parks also talked to Porsha only minutes after the brawl and shared that she too was at the get together.

“We just talked about this a couple of days ago,” said Phaedra Parks looking Porsha in the eyes. The reality star looked concerned at what just happened and how it might look on television.

Porsha Stewart doesn't need the other cast members at say they are loyal to her as they proved it immediately after the brawl on set. Making sure that Porsha didn't say anything that would damage her reputation and offering up immediate moral support, there was more attention given to her in that moment than given to Kenya Moore the entire season.

Kenya Moore is definitely is a smart woman and she is no match for Porsha Stewart. However, in life sometimes it isn't the smartest woman or the most manipulating individual who wins. Too confident, they tend to over think things and the reality of the situation is apparent to others watching.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” have seen the season play out and people aren't siding with Kenya Moore, even though she was the one attacked. It can’t be too surprising as she provoked Porsha and fans realize that anyone bringing a bullhorn to a show has nothing but bad intentions.

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