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'Real Housewives' Joyce Giraud calls out Brandi Glanville on more than racism

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" newcomer, Joyce Giraud, is calling out Brandi Glanville on more than her racist comments...she is tired of her fellow cast member pulling the "single mother" pity card routine whenever she feels that she is losing her leverage in an argument.

Joyce updated her Bravo blog Jan. 6 to express the many issues she has with Brandi. She defined the term bully and why she views Brandi as someone who is bullying her. The new "Real Housewives" star added that she does not consider Brandi racist, but that she needs rehab.

One thing additional thing Joyce pointed out was how Brandi makes excuses for her actions by pulling out the pity card over her situation in life as a single mom.

"She always uses the 'I'm a single mother. Poor me' Card," Joyce blogged.

Joyce wrote about how her mother had to work as a single mother and how Brandi's life is far different from that of the everyday single mother.

Joyce wrote:

"My mom was a single mother who had three jobs to support us. Brandi is in the top percentile of the world. She lives a blessed life. Has a beautiful home, a car, money to support a great lifestyle, can buy whatever she wants and has two gorgeous boys. There are mothers out there who are struggling to pay rent and put food on their children's table. Start counting your blessings and stop playing the victim. How difficult can her year have been? While I feel very sorry that she lost Chica, she is a best selling author, is on a hit show, and got a new home. . .Is life really that bad?"

Say whatever you want about Joyce and Brandi's feud, but this part rings true to a point. Brandi is not necessarily happy, but she has a lot of things most women would love to have in their lives. Some celebrities are good at making others around them and the public feel sorry for them because they want to be seen as regular individuals when it come to emotional needs -- and they want to be relatable to their audience. Living a luxurious life in Beverly Hills with the means to do just about anything you want, even as a single mother, is hardly the same thing as moms out there who are struggling daily just to survive.

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