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'Real Housewives': Evictions, DUIs, the truth about Kristen Taekmans marriage

It is a whirlwind lifestyle, living the life of one of the "Real Housewives", even when the cameras aren't rolling for Bravo TV. But as many in the "Real Housewives" franchise are learning, having the privilege of living behind the gates comes at a cost that out prices the value of their Birken bag collection. For some, the cost is worth the added fame and glory heaped on an already luxurious life. For others, having cameras peeking on every waking moment during filming is intrusive, but not nearly as intrusive as the constant media parade that is peeking in when the cameras have left the buildings. New Jersey News reported today that no matter how hard "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars have been trying get a tenant to leave their building, they have been met with yet another delay. In other "Real Housewives" news, a DUI is causing drama in Beverly Hills, but in New York at least one marriage is surviving the life mapped out by a Bravo TV contract.

"Real Housewives of New York City" star Kristen Taekman with husband Josh and daughter Kingsley.
Photo by Janette Pellegrini

New Jersey News is reporting today that "The Real Housewives in New Jersey" however have had it up to here with a tenant that just won't leave the building. Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe Gogra appeared in court yet again today in their attempt to evict tenant Kai Patterson from their 6,000 square foot Montville mansion. The mansion is said to be rented to Kai on a $3.8 million dollar lease-to-purchase agreement.

As previously reported by the Toronto Relationships Examiner, the judge ruling in this case had recently ruled that tenant Kai Patterson had to be out in a number of days, or pay up. Today it appears that Mr. Kai Patterson is seeking, and using, every legal loophole he can find to stay in the Gorga's luxurious home.

Melissa and Joe Gorga of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" have been seeking rent arrears which starts at a meager $20,000 a month and allege what most do in eviction court, that Patterson is behind in his payments. Superior Court Judge Stephen Taylor ruled today that the eviction will be delayed by at least two more days, and has postponed the looming "lockout" for Kai Patterson under the argument that Patterson will be pursuing a motion asking the judge to reconsider his level of default in this case.

Attorney for the defendant in this case, Richard Koppenaal is alleging the rent costs were only $20,000 on the lease-to-purchase plan. When that plan was kiboshed, the rental agreement was allegedly bumped down to $10,000 a month on an amended agreement. Koppenaal has been successful in asking the judge to reconsider the amount the tenant is in default under these circumstances before Patterson is locked out by the Gorgas in two days, a motion that judge has agreed to.

The Gorgas will appear in court again on August 5 at which time their tenant may pursue a dismissal of the entire case. Attorney for the defendant is also looking at another legal loophole for his client, stating that the initial tenant on the lease is a company named "Bounty Alert." In the lawsuit however the Gorgas are filing suit against Kai Patterson, and Koppenaal is seeking dismissal on an additional ground that the wrong individual is being sued in this case.

But….Kai Patterson is still living there and not paying rent, so who does he expect the Gorgas to sue for eviction? The company does not live in their mansion, this Mr. Patterson does. Also discovered in the court of ironic opinion, the company that Patterson runs known as "Bounty Alert" is a company that chases people down when they are in arrears of their own payments, in cases of child support.

The Gorgas are alleging they are owed as much as $185,000 in arrears and unpaid rent, and will appear in court on Tuesday.

They are unfortunately not the only "Real Housewives" dealing with legal troubles this week.

China Topix News is reporting today that a DUI has been stirring up some drama in Beverly Hills, and with the real housewife that many would least expect it from.

Fans of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" will remember with fondness one of the most favored cast members of all time, Yolanda Foster. Yolanda is known for her "keeping it real" attitude on the show, and as such has become a fan favorite every season. She also has been struggling with a very serious extent of Lyme Disease in her most recent season, and is arguably the sweetest and strongest housewife to date.

In between battling treatments and appointments this season, Yolanda Foster has been the one of the "Real Housewives" that serves as the Mother Hen figure to all the rest in the Hills of Beverly. She'll be the first to talk Brandi Glanville off of the ledge of an F-bomb streak, and also the first to rebuke any lady that may have had a few too many Pinot Grigio.

It's all with good intent, and any viewer that has seen even 5 minutes of Yolanda air time knows that everything she does, she does with love and the strength of a woman with grace and dignity. Fans hoping to ever see Yolanda Foster curse on camera or pull out the claws will be sorely disappointed because the odds of this lady ever succumbing to such behavior are slim to none.

As such, when it comes to her own cast mates, the ladies have given Yolanda their own share of rebuking, because there's nothing one of the "Real Housewives" hates more than to be told she's cut off.

After recent events in her own family however, Yolanda won't have much time to get on the "Real Housewives" and their happy hour habits, nor will she want to if she wants to avoid a conversation about her own family. According to China Topix News today Yolanda has other concerns when it comes to who is drinking how much, as her own 17-year-old daughter Bella Hadid has recently been charged with a DUI.

Bella is the daughter Yolanda shares with her first husband, Mohamed Hadid. On the morning of July 22 17-year-old Bella Hadid was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway where she failed to make a stop. Her failure to stop was so poor in fact that she almost hit a police cruiser on the highway.

As a result, Bella was pulled over and performed a Breathalyser under suspicion of driving under the influence. Her Breathalyser results were 0.14, almost twice the legal limit. In addition to facing traffic misdemeanors and a DUI charge, Bella was also found to be driving under a suspended license.

Given her age however, law enforcement released Bella to her step-father, Yolanda's second husband the gifted musician David Foster. While some might think that this was due to her family's celebrity status, releasing a minor that has been drinking to the care of an adult or someone that can supervise them accordingly is not an uncommon procedure in the event of a DUI.

Despite the DUI charges it appears that Bella is pushing forward to continue the pursuit of her dreams of modeling and even competitive equestrian work. The official website for Bella Hadid indicates she will not let this get the best of her, and describes Bella accordingly,

"Bella is a nationally ranked equestrian, competing since age three, and having since won numerous awards for her riding efforts. Her ultimate goal is to represent the United States in the 2016 Olympics."

It is an incident that many cast mates, and probably even Bravo TV, will do everything they can to "catch the dramatic fall out" on camera on the next season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." However fans that have come to know Yolanda Foster well know the chances of her ever engaging in drama over her own family are about the same as the odds of Brandi Glanville tweeting dirt about LeAnn Rimes. Even "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" have their limits.

But Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville are veterans of "The Real Housewives" battle zones, and that they have come this many seasons only relatively wounded is a testament in itself. It is a testament given the amount of tragedy all of the cast members across "The Real Housewives" have either experienced firsthand or been very close to. Divorce court, bankruptcy court, prison terms and even a suicide are just a few of the life traumas associated with being one of "The Real Housewives."

They are traumas that all cast members consider very seriously before they agree to come on for another season, or even begin their first. It was certainly one that Kristen Taekman of "The Real Housewives of New York City" considered, before showing the daily life of her and her husband Josh and their two children to the world.

And, although she did consider it, she recently wrote in OK! Magazine that she obviously had no clue what she was really getting into until about halfway through production. It was at that point that Kristen wondered, as did the viewers, if her marriage was going to survive the luxuries of being one of "The Real Housewives."

"When I signed on for Real Housewives of New York, I didn’t worry too much about who my “character” would be. I am who I am, and I have nothing to hide. But halfway through filming, the production team told me that my storyline would probably be my relationship with my husband, Josh. I’m glad I didn’t know the whole time, because we just let the chips fall where they may."

And they certainly did, with many viewers developing a very strong, and not so great opinion of her husband Josh, and the way he spoke to her in many public events. Some viewers even speculated they were watching the Taekman marriage fall apart right before their eyes, Ok! Magazine reported hat it was actually the exact opposite.

She even suggested having the camera's eye view on her marriage may have even helped them.

"Everyone warned me that filming a reality show would be terrible for my marriage. It was actually fascinating for me, though. How often do you get a bird’s eye view of your relationship? Josh and I would watch the show together and be like, Oh dear God. Is that what I look like when we argue? I can’t believe I said that to you! That’s horrible!"

The hardest part for Kristen, and for Josh as well of course, has been seeing the man she loves crucified on social media for the way he treated her on TV.

"After every episode, viewers would go on Twitter and tell me to divorce my husband. You’ve gotta love Twitter, right? I am really bummed about how he was portrayed. People are calling him a douche bag, and it really hurt him. He is not a douche bag. The show made him seem much harsher than he really is. Josh is an amazing guy, and a wonderful father.

We learned, for example, that his humor is super dry and it really doesn’t translate to television. He was like, Oh my gosh, if we do season two, I’m changing my sense of humor. And I’m like, Don’t you dare! It’s what I love about you. I don’t want him to change."

Kristen also wrote in OK! Magazine that this is just the dynamic of the marriage, that they are always poking and ribbing each other as many couples do. She referred specifically to the episode where she was in production of a workout DVD and Josh referred to her "pooch."

This Kristen thought was hysterical, and told Ok! Magazine that she really thought it was funny, and that something like that would only upset her if she "actually had a big old pooch."

Granted, Kristen does find a lot of things that aren't supposed to be funny, funny. She also found it very comical when her co-star Sonja Morgan's beautician was suggesting that the Countess LuAnn DeLesseps "liked small French men", and a lot of them. This on the other hand was not so amusing to the Countess when the information came to light.

Kristen also wants to assure viewers that she's not trying to dismiss or excuse Josh on some things, but just that their marriage contract is stronger than a Bravo TV contract.

"There is definitely stuff that Josh needs to work on, too. But our marriage is more balanced than viewers might think. I’m not naming names, but the couples who are making out on TV all the time are not real. If you pretend these fights don’t go on in your house, you’re full of sh*t.

Marriage is really hard. It drains you. But that is the reality. Reality is not five nannies and two housekeepers. Josh and I are a normal couple with not-normal careers. What you see on screen is who we are. And we are a lot stronger than a reality show. Team Taekman all the way! With twelve years, two kids, and one season of reality TV under our belts, we are in it for the long haul."

What do you think? Do you think that Kristen is just back pedalling on some really awkward moments between her and her husband? Do you think the DUI for Yolanda's daughter is a big deal? What do you think about this tenant that will not leave the Montville mansion in New Jersey?

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