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Real Housewives Beverly Hills Season 4 spoilers: Carlton Gebbia lashes out

Did Carlton Gebbia cast a spell on Joyce Giraud's husband? Find out what's really going on in this RHOBH Season 4 recap of the Jan. 27 episode here now.
Photo by Rachel Murray

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Four spoilers alerted us months ago that there would be some major tension between new lady Carlton Gebbia and some of the more senior cast mates. Other gossip claimed we'd see a widening gap forming between one-time bosom buddies Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville.

Oh, how right those RHOBH spoilers were!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Spoilers and Gossip: Carlton Gebbia is Offended By All the Things Ever

On the Jan. 27 RHOBH episode, Carlton threw a wild party with pole-dancers and painted ladies and invited the girls. Should have been a chill time, and it was, for the most part. She made the biggest stank face possible when greeting Joyce and Joyce's hubby, and was highly offended when Kyle Richards initially misidentified her new tattoo of a pentagram as a Jewish star, basically screaming, "Are you f--king kidding me?" This, despite the fact that Kyle had not seen the tattoo before and that Carlton's hair and bathing suit strap was likely obscuring part of the tattoo when Kyle first saw it. Though she was the one who snapped at the Jewish mom-of-four, the very vocal Wiccan Carlton took Kyle's innocent question as a great insult of some kind.

Later, when Carlton admired one of Kyle's necklaces, Kyle took the necklace off and placed it around Carlton's neck, telling her it was a gift. Carlton seem genuinely touched by the peace-pipe moment, but was later on-camera gossiping about her overall mistrust and disregard of Kyle with the other girls at Yolanda Foster's Malibu painting party.

As foreshadowed by previous Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Four spoilers, we indeed see a great strain continue to develop between Lisa and Brandi."I don't understand her motives exactly, except to make me feel like s--t," Brandi said of what she feels is Lisa's constant nitpicking and nagging, uttered after yet another smothering comment by Lisa regarding Brandi's injured hand. "I have a mother. She lives in Sacramento."

Lisa said wasn't earning any points with Yolanda this episode either, as she bailed on Yolanda's painting party at the last minute. "Who does that?" asked sophmore RHOBH cast member Yolanda.

As at her party, Carlton couldn't manage to play nice during arts and crafts, either. She accused Joyce of making a derogatory statement about Brandi that was actually entirely subjective. Later, when Joyce shared her dismissive views of witchcraft, Carlton actually threatened to cast a spell on her. At the end of the episode, Joyce claimed her husband fell ill the very same night.

According to Bravo's latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Four spoilers from this week's preview footage, we will see Joyce and Carlton hashing things out in next week's episode. Joyce warns Carlton to stay away from her children and not put any spells on them. Carlton seems genuinely offended by this inference.

Stay tuned...

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