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Real Housewives and real rewards: Bravo testing Foursquare Badge Rewards with Sephora

Bravo is testing FourSquare Badges with Sephora Rewards

One of the hottest growing social media applications is FourSquare, which allows users to "check-in" when they reach various retail establishments.  And, in doing so, can earn badges, and often times rewards, for being a frequent visitor.

Well Bravo TV (owned by NBC) has thrown its hat into the experimentation ring by partnering with Sephora to offer gift cards to select users.

So how do FourSquare users get in on the action?  Well, FourSquare users who unlock the Real Housewives badge can stay in the running by also following the Real Housewives Twitter feed.  The first person to the store mentioned in the tweet, with proof of the unlocked badge, will be handed a $100 Sephora gift card by the store manager.

The only downside?  The stores featuring the gift card rewards are only in New York and New Jersey.  So if you happen to live outside of those areas, it seems you're on your own.


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