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True heart searchers
True heart searchers

You. The consummate lover, friend, romantic, and genuine person. The dating world; a zone full of idealists, opportunists, deceivers and people secretly masking high expectations. Believe it or not, in today’s dating environment people are finding out discovering a soul mate can be harder than finding a needle in a hay stack.

Has the landscape been altered so drastically? Is there a new criteria, or status quo to dating? Maybe, or perhaps the tolerance for acceptance of someone for who they are has diminished. Either way, being able to work one’s way through multiple wonderful online profiles can be problematic and discouraging. As previously discussed in an earlier article, online descriptions are designed to peak your interest, or “sell” someone’s best traits to secure a response.

You will never uncover a profile which highlights all the negative qualities, or personal hang-ups someone harbors inside. Information is carefully crafted to divert any possible roadblock to you considering sending an email, or instant message. So, that being said, just how does this equate to a person who has real intentions, seeking an honest relationship?
Someone who has passed through difficult relationships, whether by fault of another, or mortal separation, has undoubtedly arrived at a point in their life where they understand the true nature of love and companionship. The time for “playing the field” has transcended to looking for a soul mate that “gets it”. The desire to find somebody who can complement their beliefs, morals, desires and internal composition becomes the driving factor.

While it may be the mantra for happiness, it can prove to be exhausting and tough for a true hearted person to invest the time to find the diamond in the rough. Those with different opinions, or points of view would suggest it’s an opportunist directive not worth the effort. Trusting solely on the typical regiment of trial and error, cycling through date after date, hoping the law of averages will be in their favor. It’s possible, but not likely.

In the end, maintaining one’s belief system, searching for the soul mate that will shake your foundations, leaving you on cloud nine and constantly daydreaming is not impossible. Your counterpart, partner in crime, lover undercover, soul mate, or rock, is out there. Never lose sight or hope. Be true to yourself, never compromise your beliefs, and above all, expect the unexpected. True love still exists, for those who are true in heart.