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Real fight on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Reunion Brawl
Reunion Brawl

The battle between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams came to a head during the taping of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion episode on Thursday. For those who watch and of the “Real Housewives” shows, they know that the reunion episodes are full of hate and accusations. It’s one of the reasons we all watch the shows.

From the first time Williams joined the show Moore has had it in for her. The tension between the two has mounted since season 5. Usually two just exchange words in this case Williams lost her cool and went after Moore. According to People a source told them, "There was definitely some hair pulling, but no one was injured. It was broken up so quickly that nothing serious happened."

More told People, "I am in the middle of most of it, and probably the cause of most of it. "I went through a lot of ups and downs."

An insider told Us Weekly, "They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up. Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds. Porsha never dragged her by her hair. Andy [Cohen] and a producer jumped in and then security came."

No one knows at this point if Moore will file charges against Williams. It would not be the first “reality” show where one member has filed assault charges against another cast member. The next season of the show should be pretty hot. Get ready Atlanta.