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Real estate market is very hot in... the Dakota's

Even though I have a home in Charlotte, NC I am working for a builder-dealer who is based in Aberdeen, SD. This dealer offers high quality manufactured and modular homes that are absolutely beautiful. When placed on a basement, crawlspace or stone skirting you cannot tell these homes apart from a stick-built ranch. Once inside, these homes will truly impress any buyer looking for space, upgrades, quality construction and cost savings.

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the news about the oil boom in North Dakota. Areas like Williston and Dickenson are exploding and housing is needed for workers flocking to this area to make a very nice wage. Oil and trucking firms are purchasing manufactured homes for their workers to share for a weekly rent. Many people who have relocated to this area are now established and can qualify to purchase their own home with local mortgage companies or through the dealer mortgage lenders.

Stick built homes are very expensive to build in these areas and they take a great deal of time to build, as long as 6-9 months depending on weather conditions. Manufactured homes are built under roof and are completed in a quarter of the time of a stick built home and at a higher quality standard as well. Think about the weather situation alone in the Dakotas. It is very cold in the winter and there is usually a good amount of snow and rain. Stick built homes without roofs or windows installed get very wet on the inside. Moisture can cause mold issues in the future. A manufactured home never sees weather until it's in the delivery process and by that time it is completed and sealed from all moisture.

Oil production doesn't slow down in the winter. People are still hired to meet the demand and thus housing is still needed as well. Manufactured home builders/dealers can deliver homes during the winter as long as the winds are below 25 mph. As long as there is a foundation to set the home on (which could include blocks as well as piers, ribbon foundations, crawl spaces and/or basements) a manufactured home can be placed and set for a homeowner in the Dakotas. Stick built homes basically stop being built once the first snow flies and the tempertures drop below 32 degrees.

If you are looking for some real estate (or as a friend of mine calls it, "wheel" estate) investments, go west young man and check out the Dakotas.

The builder-dealer I have referred to is Centennial Homes and have been the number one manufactured home dealer in South Dakota (their corporate base) for the last 18-years. (


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