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Real Estate Expert - Sonny Moyers .... How to Beat the Big Boys! Listen More & Talk Less!

Listen More & Talk Less

“Big Boys” are busy. In fact, no one in the world is busier than the “Big Boys”. They run fast and hard and believe me, they are "soooo busy." “Big Boys” have a lot to do. Not only do they have to run their business, they also have to absorb all those acquisitions and standardize, standardize, standardize. Their managers are "soooo busy" incorporating new departments and organizations into their standardized system. There is soooo much to do!

We need to use this --too busy-- to our advantage. You see, we have time to think, listen and communicate effectively with our clients and TEAM members. We need to position ourselves as the attentive, concerned, and available providers of superior services to our clients. By taking the time to manage the details, we will send a clear message to our clients. We care about them and have the time to listen.

For example:

"I don't know how the large organization has time to listen to their clients. I know that we are busy, but if I had to double in size every six months, I doubt if I could keep up with all of your needs. You see, we have made a decision to be smaller, and very client centered. We know that an existing client that is happy is secret to growth and success."

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