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Real Estate Director Erin Toll 'on leave' after false claim that legislator was under investigation


  • leo shifrin 6 years ago

    Toll breaks the very laws she is suppose to enforce. She thinks she is above the law. That makes her the worse kind of public servant, a corrupt one.
    In my own case she went beyond the mandatory 21 day deadline to approve my license in order to use a new version of the mortgage broker law. This 21 day deadline was mandatory.
    Then nearly a year late admitted even the new provision was not a valid reason to deny my license. A day later her department made up a phony complaint from a past borrower (who she didn’t know was a close family friend) and denied my license based on that.
    I have an affidavit under oath from this borrower that states he had no problem with his loan and all of toll’s allegations are false.
    Anyone who droughts this can send me their email address and I will send them this affidavit and findings from a judge.
    This woman is a criminal! She is a corrupt politician. I can provide proof for all of this.
    Anyone else she has done this to shou

  • Matt Ryan 6 years ago

    Too bad we have public officials who are corrupt. Erin Toll is suppose to be watching Mortgage Brokers but who is watching Erin Toll. She has way to much power and is abusive of this power. Nobody can challenge her the way the current system is set up. She is just positioning herself for her next job. Instead of truly working to find a solution she is just doing what best suites her. I hope she gets what she deserves, DROP THE HAMMER ON HER! Get her out of her job.

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