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Real estate broker offers guns to home buyers in Kansas

real estate broker offers free gun
Real Estate Broker offers Free Gun to Clients

Kansas City: a real estate broker offers a free gun if you buy  or sell real estate in Kansas through his company!

"We believe you should have the right to defend your home, and if you buy or sell a home through our company we will buy you a gun". said real estate broker Ben Edsall of Turn-Key Properties LLC, a real estate company in Kansas City.

The first hint of this marketing plan was stated on one of his blogs back in July, but with real estate sales sluggish and firearm sales still booming, Mr. Edsall sees this as a great time to announce this promotion.

While the idea is not new, it has not been done before in Kansas. Until recently Missouri and Kansas were among the very few states left that did not allow "inducements" from real estate brokers. Kansas changed that law but Missouri has yet to do so. So Mr. Edsall is only offering this to clients in KS at this time.

Many remember the world-wide media attention Mark Muller of Max Motors in Butler, MO created by offering a free AK 47 to anyone who purchased a new truck from his dealership.  Back in 2007 another real estate agent in Georgia offered a free Glock to any police officer who bought or sold a house through her. Mr. Edsall proudly points out "I bought my truck from Max Motors, I like their style, and I admire their patriotism"!

Mr. Edsall, a long-time NRA member and avid outdoors-man said this offer is not just for houses in Kansas but for any Kansas real estate transfer valued at over $100,000.  The firearm will be "purchased" by means of a voucher for $250.00 valid toward the purchase of a firearm or any other items from participating gun dealers. Mr. Edsall has made arrangements with several firearms dealers including The Olathe Gun Shop to take the vouchers.

While his website shows only a few homes in Kansas for sale, he has sold quite a bit of commercial real estate there, and hopes to broaden that market.  Earlier this year Mr. Edsall offered a free horse to anyone buying real estate in Kansas. Even though he sold several car washes and other real estate in Kansas; he has yet to have any takers. The horse market is down, he said; you can barely give them away!

An ad he placed on the popular Merchant Circle site, shows in  bright red "Buy a House get a Gun"! that coupon links back to another web site of his ; where his wife's family owns a small horse ranch and he hopes to retire someday.

"For many years I have offered a 1% discount to NRA members, this is just a way to say thank you for being our client and maybe help along another part of our economy, the gun dealers." said Mr. Edsall while proudly displaying the stainless steel .45 caliber AMT he keeps in his back pocket.We don't dial 911

At his office on 67th St. in Kansas City, MO a sign above his desk reads "We Don't Dial 911", under that sign hangs what appears to be a cap pistol, but the message is clear; we can take care of ourselves. Near the sign is a photograph of Mr. Edsall's nephew who is currently serving in Iraq.

Turn-Key Properties seems to offer about everything you could imagine, commercial real estate, investment property and a selection of farms and rural property; their web-site's traffic counter shows over 905,000 visitors.

"I love guns, I love real estate.... I've found a way to combine them.

For more info: you can contact Mr. Edsall at 816-313-8876 or visit online at http://www/