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Real Crayon Maker- Making crayons faster than scrambled eggs

Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The fastest and easiest way to create new, unique shaped crayons while recycling your old ones - Inspiring your kids like never before. The Real Crayon Maker is designed to make coloring more fun and creative by recycling your old crayons into new exciting shapes! Children do not like dull, broken crayons and the traditional crayon sharpening methods can quickly turn your favorite crayon into small pieces. Simply melting crayons in a hot oven is not safe for little fingers and you still need a mold to make new crayons. Existing crayon makers can take up to an hour to make 4 little, poorly shaped crayons. That’s where the Real Crayon Maker speed and versatility comes into action.

The Mini Cooker technology gives broken, discarded, and disappointing crayons new life. Unlike other crayon makers that use a light bulb as a heating source and take 40 minutes or more just to melt crayons, the patent pending Mini Cooker in just 4-9 minutes melt the crayons before your eyes. The microwave is a safe alternative to old, unsafe, and insufficient methods in the oven with a closed door. Parents and kids can recreate and build real crayons together with this simple and safe method. A simple double boiler technique, which is utilized in an innovative and sophisticated way, allows the steam to quickly and safely melt the crayons. The insulated design protects hands from the hot liquid inside so that it’s safe to hold immediately out of the microwave. The crayons are melted inside an easy-to-pour and disposable cup, allowing parents to enjoy a clean and manageable process!

This really solves the crayon problem, I like this idea. I think it's going to be a big hit.

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