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Real-ationship Status

What's your status? In a relationship, Single, It's complicated...

What are you looking for? Friendship, Dating, Networking...

What if the answer is "F" all of the above?

Last week I had a guy I've met once or twice ask me to go get dinner and see a movie with him.  Respectfully declining, I explained that I was already seeing someone.  His response?  "But it doesn't say anything on Facebook..."

A classically modern mistake: depending on technology to make social assumptions. After all, if you have access to someone's Facebook or Myspace profile, it must mean you know everything about them, right?  The truth is that I find all of the possible Facebook labels or statuses apply to me.  Yes, life can be complicated.  So can relationships...or even a lack thereof.  I am, in fact, one singular person.  I'm one of those "I am whole," stand on your own type girls.  And sure, you could even say that I'm in a relationship...a few actually.  I have strong relationships with my friends and family and also a casual "romantic relationship."  But the most important relationship I am devoted to is also the most cliche one: the relationship I have with myself.  Go ahead, roll your eyes...

The next blank field to fill is "looking for."  Once again, I can answer "all."  New friends are always welcome.  Networking is an extremely important part of any life, personal or professional. Dating? Yes, please. With the right person it can be amazing. Even with the wrong person, it can be entertaining.

So, after a rather awkward and quick word exchange with said Dinner & Movie Guy, I've concluded that I can do nothing but giggle at the way some people use technology and social networking tools.  As for me, I will continue to go out in the real world and be in real-life situations with real people regardless of their real-ationship status.  There are plenty of fantastic places to do such things in Chicago.  For instance...general admission during February is free at the Art Institute. I've met a handful of interesting people there over the years.  It's also a fantastic date place if you're into having good conversation with someone.  In fact, I think I will... and I suggest you step away from your computer and do the same.