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Real age: You may be older than you think

Dr. Oz has this futuristic-looking device on his show called "The Truth Tube".  When people step on that tube, their weight, cholesterol level, waist size, blood pressure, etc., are shown to the world.  In addition, he calculates their real age, or how old the body really thinks it is.  Many times, people who step on that tube are a good 6 years older than their chronological age (how old you are by a birthday stand point).  Six years makes a person think about their health in a much different manner than previously thought of, if at all.  If you are 36 years old chronologically, why would you want your body to think it is 42?  Stressors on the body and mind make you age physically, and often lead to premature death. 

How do you calculate your real age?  You can calculate your real age online.  It may not be The Truth Tube, but it can give you an idea of how to change your lifestyle to help you prolong life.