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Ready, set, jump! Flying high over Bellevue Washington

Nestled high above the ground in a sea of evergreens just outside the Bellevue city center is place one would not expect to find. In fact, when you arrive at the Community Center in Eastgate Park, the adventure that awaits still eludes you. That is until you hear a faint buzz from above and then laughter floating down through the leaves. You look up to find someone flying through the trees, hands up, spinning, laughing, zipping to the platform of the next tree, greeted by friends, family and colleagues cheering them on. A full zip line course all right outside the bustling city center in a quiet neighborhood.

Bellevue Zip Tour, a Zipline Course at Bellevue Community Center in Washington State
Tracy Iseminger Daily Dish Magazine
Ziplining at Bellevue Zip Tour
Tracy Iseminger

The group visiting today is from a dental office, traveling through the city for the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference. In a team building exercise, the staff of Jilek Family Dentistry dropped in for a visit. A mix of those who have never ziplined before and those who had, it served a great platform to spend some fun time together and encourage and support each other to face the tasks ahead with no fear.

The course consists of 6 ½ runs with a few long runs, a few really fast runs and a whole lot of fun. While completing the 2 ½ hour tour, the guides always make sure you are 100% secure and fill you with knowledge of the surrounding environment. On this visit, adventure seekers were treated to some amazing lichen, rich colorful moss, beautiful ferns, flowers and the pitter patter of raindrops tapping the canopy above.

When asked about her experience, Dental Assistant Isabel Hernandez says, “It was amazing, everybody should take the time do this.” Ziplining offers a unique experience and viewpoint that you don’t get to see in day to day life. It also provides groups an outlet to work together, support one another, conquer fears and be a team. Dr. Spencer Jilek says, "I really enjoyed our ziplining adventure. The scenery was beautiful and our guides were terrific. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something exciting to do as a group."

For more information and to schedule your adventure, visit the official site of Bellevue Zip Tours.

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