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Ready for Valentine's Day Part I

How about a lavender sweater
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Do you like to plan way in advance for upcoming holidays? Well, then you should be thrilled when you read this article and find out what might be in store for you for Valentine's Day, even in Chicago. Maybe you don't want to do anything about Valentine's Day because you feel exploited with the commercial aspect of the holiday. Maybe you have been dropping hints to your boyfriend that he should finally pop the question. If that's what you've been doing, has he told you that you'll be lucky if you get a single red rose or a heart shaped box of candy? Well, with that kind of a boyfriend, he'll probably banter back and forth with you. With that in mind, read on.

What Valentine's Day gifts would be acceptable if you receive one of them from your boyfriend? Partly, that would probably depend on what he has given you in the past, on Valentine's Day and on other holidays in which people exchange presents. Have you been dating him since just before Christmas? Well, if that's the case, it was really pushing it if you expected a Christmas or Hannuka present from him. Buying him a present would not have been the best approach to continuing a relationship with him unless he is unique in certain ways. In that case, it really wouldn't be a good idea to expect him to give you anything for Valentine's Day, but if you have already mentioned it to him, really, even if he's a millionaire, which is doubtful, a box of Fannie May Candy would be a very nice gift from him. Other alternatives might be a pair of pink or red gloves or a nosegay, if he decides to be that generous. A red or pink scarf might be nice, too, even if it's from Target.

Now, let's get to the next question, perhaps not only for Chicagoans. Have you bought him a present or did you just decide that Valentine's Day is really a holiday in which men give women the gifts? Does it have to be red? He might like a pair of bright red socks, especially if he has any red sweaters or shirts that you know of, but maybe not. (Look at our model - she's wearing lavender instead of red.) If you're a feminist, he might expect you to give him a box of chocolates. If you've mentioned Valentine's day more than once, you might get a dozen pink roses. That would depend on how generous he is and how long you've been dating. If he has already popped the question and has given you a big beautiful ring, you might cook him a lovely dinner (if you can cook), in addition to giving him a box of chocolates and/or a handsome red tie with a matching handkerchief.

Well, expect Part II of holiday fashion suggestions, for Chicagoland residents, after looking at some of the gifts local merchants are selling for Valentine's Day. If you've already started looking at them, great. Then you can get a better idea of what to give to your fiance, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. Happy shopping and look for Ready for Valentine's Day Part II!

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