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Ready for the Stat Quo album?

Stat Quo, Dr. Dre, The Game and the rest of the crew enjoying studio time.
Stat Quo, Dr. Dre, The Game and the rest of the crew enjoying studio time.
Rap Basement

Stat Quo alerted all his fans who follow him on that his new highly anticipated album, "Statlanta", is finally completed.  His post was, "Statquo Mastering is done, Statlanta is 100% DONE!!! The credits will be turned in today and that's it. I will have my release date this week!!!"  

Stat Quo has been waiting quite some time now to hit the mainstream hip-hop seen with a bang.  His last main appearance on any recorded tracks or albums was when he was signed to Shady Records and he appeared as a guest on Eminem's: The Re-Up. 

Since he has left Shady Records, Stat Quo has teamed up with super producer Dr. Dre as well as the very popular West Coast rapper The Game.  Dr. Dre brings a great element of experience to the table when working with a relatively new mainstream artist, such as Stat Quo, because Stat Quo has mainly been standing under Eminem for the majority of his rap career.  Now that he is no longer under the power of Shady Records, Stat Quo chose to work with Dr. Dre since the famous producer/ex-rap artist knows a thing or two about making popular records.  Dre does not necessarily serve as a manager to Stat, but more as a guide and a mentor.  The Game got involved with the "Statlanta" project because of the affiliation he shares with Dr. Dre.  Dre and The Game have worked well together in the past since they are both Cali born rappers.  The addition of The Game's presence alone should definitely impact the outcome and reviews of the album once it hits the shelves. 

For those of you who have listened through all of Stat Quo's recent mixtapes, now is your turn to peep out his new album "Statlanta".