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Ready for Hillary, when the time is right

There are a lot of people who are ready for Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States, and they have been since before Obama’s first term. She would have been a better choice, perhaps. But, at that time, she had yet to manage a large and significant government organization like the Department of State. She had been a US Senator from New York, and a multi-term first Lady, but that is not like managing a department with budgets and personnel decisions to make. She demonstrated that she could apply her considerable abilities in the world arena.

You bet, America is ready

What makes her a most attractive candidate is maturity, wisdom, and deep experience. The only thing lacking is the absence of private sector business experience. Yet, having represented New York with the presence of Wall Street, she surely has affinity there.

The time must be right for her announcement. There is no sense in announcing too early, because than she becomes an official target for free for all Republican roasting.

She needs all of the time her campaign wants to build a considerable war chest. By the way, someone needs to whisper to Barack Obama that hs campaigning is over. He is depleting the potential Clinton chest with all of that nickel and diming from Obama for America.

Like a first string QB in the off season, she and her team need to keep her arms and legs fresh. Work on toning and getting into physical shape.

Than, when the time comes, the GOP will roll out a barrel filled with a dozen candidates. The shear number will be overwhelming. Voters who listen to all of that will likely be confused along the line from right wing conservatism to something not quite approaching the middle of America.

Skewing to the top of the wealthy pyramid, the GOP will likely never connect with the necessities of the nation.

“$4 million for Ready for Hillary

Clinton has indicated she might make her decision by the end of the year. | AP Photo

By KATIE GLUECK | 1/7/14 9:01 PM EST

Ready for Hillary, a super PAC that supports a possible Hillary Clinton presidential run, announced Tuesday that it raked in more than $4 million in 2013 from more than 33,000 donors.

The grassroots-focused group saw activity pick up significantly in the latter part of 2013, with more than 25,000 new contributors chipping in during the second half of the year.

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