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Ready for Hillary? Are you ready for 'HitlaryCare?'

Hillary supporters are already promoting the 2016 candidacy of Hillary Clinton with an online advertisement campaign that asks, are “ready for Hillary.” Remembering what Hillary is most notably known for, other than the disaster in Benghazi, that being the disastrous and failed and ill-conceived health care deform from 1993, it should be asked, are we ready for HitlaryCare?

Are you ready for Hillary to run for president in 2016?
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You claim to be offended that I used the term “HitlaryCare?” Too bad, because it's thoroughly appropriate. HitlaryCare was entirely authoritarian and just as fascist as any government policy that was implemented in the regime of Adolph Hitler. You say it's not appropriate because Hilter murdered millions of Jews? He did indeed, but let's look at why he did it. He demonized them, hated them, and scapegoated them for society's problems at the time because he was jealous of them for how smart and successful they were. Sound familiar? Of course, that's exactly what the far left today, including Hillary herself, have as their mentality towards the successful and wealthy in our society they call “the top one percent,” many of which are also Jewish. While they may not be ready to send them to gas chambers, the far left want to demonize, hate, and blame for our problems the “top one percent,” and if they had their way, send many of them to jail. The parallels between Hitler's views about the Jews and the far left's views today about the top one percent are amazingly striking in their similarity.

So the term HitlaryCare is entirely appropriate. Let's remember what HitlaryCare was. ObamaCare is a LITE version in comparison. While ObamaCare causes many to lose their health insurance and have to go to the exchanges to pick from sparse available options, HitlaryCare dropped everyone from their health insurance and instead put everyone on a government plan that was chosen by for them, by the bureaucrats (that met secretly) that Hitlary wanted to put in charge of everyone's health care. And you had zero choices over anything related to your health. You were required to stay in your government imposed plan. Period. They made no promises about keeping your doctor. Any choices you made, that were outside your plan, be it choices of doctors, or treatments, or that you choice to see a chiropractor and your plan didn't approve that treatment, or you choose to take natural remedies instead and your doctor didn't approve it, etc. All of these choices, outside your government imposed plan, were called “health care fraud” under the plan, and the consequence of them were fines and jail time. That's right, there was actually hundreds of criminal penalties under HitlaryCare (hence the name) for making choices. Your health care freedom was criminalized under the plan Hillary Clinton, and her husband as president, tried to impose on us in 1993.

So keep this mind, because a president Hillary would be quick to suggest that the failure of ObamaCare means we need to implement HitlaryCare to replace it. Think about this when you think about whether you're “ready for Hillary.”

In comparison between the two, Barack Obama is the kinder and gentler fascist. Hillary is the ruthless fascist. Cold, calculating, and intoxicated by power. Giving Hillary the presidency is like giving an alcoholic a gigantic full and unopened bottle of Jack Daniels.

I”m not ready for Hillary. I won't ever be “ready” for Hillary, because I don't think we should replace one want to be fascist dictator, a very incompetent and not very smart one, with a potential fascist dictator who is smarter, more competent, and therefore far more dangerous. The far left wants to give Barack Obama all the power he wants to do anything he wants. Sometimes he seems to not have a clue what to do with all the power. But just imagine what the far left will want to give Hillary. The country may not come out of authoritarian government any time soon if we allow Hitlary to become our next fascist dictator.

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