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Ready for a Change? Tips for Career Transition

career change requires a new perspective
career change requires a new perspective

After working for a long time doing the same thing, it’s normal to feel like your job is stale. The same work routines, tasks, and processes can create a sense of monotony so making a change makes sense. Before jumping in too far, it’s important to think through what you want to accomplish.

Be clear that it’s your career that needs changing

As you consider what is causing your need to change your career, ensure that the impetus for change is not due to some other aspects of your life. Maybe you are in a temporary rut, personal issues have you down, or you feel overwhelmed by obligations in your life. Before jumping into a new career, try simplifying other distractions in your life to feel more focused.

Consider key aspects of what you want in a new job

If you have cleared any other life variables and career change is definitely what you want to do, start outlining what the new career would like. It’s useful to ask questions during this exercise such as:

  • Are you looking for more challenge, variety, or is it the nature of the work itself?
  • Is learning new skills, completing new certifications or going back to school play a part in your transition?
  • Do you need a new environment or other work motivators at your job?
  • What is the degree of change you want? Dramatic or a small increment?
  • What are your strengths and interests that you want to continue doing or do more of?
  • How do your values align with your next move?
  • What sacrifices will you make in this change and will this affect those around?

Starting the change process

With the right focus and approach in place, it’s time to take action against the goal of a new career. Prepare your network list – people who have the connections and leads that can jump-start our search process. Research the skills needed for a new role and match those against what you do well and note and differences and similarities. Then look online or consider a career coach to help finalize and prepare you for the next move.

Although making a career change isn't always straightforward, with the right preparation, information, and motivation, you can have a smooth transition and look forward to your new career.

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