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Reading: The gift that keeps on giving

There is nothing like watching a child’s eye light up when they have mastered a skill they have been working on. As a parent you feel proud of how hard your child worked and how excited they are about their success. Every parent wants to give that feeling to their child all the time. Reading with your child as part of your daily routine will help facilitate that. Think for a second, the written word is the way most knowledge is passed from person to person. What better gift could you give your child, then the ability for them to learn whatever their little heart’s desire?

Reading is fun for the whole family.
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Remember when you were a child and books held great adventure. As the book was read you formed a picture in your head. You made the adventure come to live in your own head. Reading to children helps them develop their imagination as well as helping them understand the flow of the words in the story.

There are books that are perfect for the attention span of every age group. As children grow help grow their understanding of reading. Point out letters on the page that are in the child’s name. Point to small words like “the”, “and”, “a”, “I” have your child repeat them to you. Help them feel involved in the reading of the story. Children naturally enjoy learning new things. They feed off of the responses you give them. If you get excited about them being able to point out words on the page so will they. The Huffington Post’s “5 Hidden Benefits Of Reading For Kids (And Their Parents!), talk’s about how reading builds a stronger bond between you and your child and how it increases vocabulary and more.

Take special time out and make it fun reading time. In busy schedules this may sound impossible but for young children it takes less time than a television show. Reading with your child and watching them get into the story is often times more relaxing then vegging in front of the television. Raise Smart Kid’s “Benefits of Reading to Children” gives an entire list of reasons why reading to your child is so important. Encouraging your child to enjoy reading and learning is the gift that keeps on giving.

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