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"Reading Rainbow LIVE" with Star Trek stars tickets available via Kickstarter

The "Star Trek" superstar studded line up for Reading Rainbow LIVE
from the "Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere" Kickstarter campaign

If you are a geek that grew up loving Reading Rainbow with LaVar Burton (AKA Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge of Star Trek: TNG) especially if you’ve made the upgrade to parental unit, chances are good you know about the Kickstarter campaign to keep the show alive. The original goal was reached of $1M was reached with no problem in the first day. With this money, the show can live on in a few formats, but would still not be as widely available as Burton would like it to be.

Now there is a stretch goal that is going to boldly take Reading Rainbow to a level it has never been to before! The new goal will allow the show to be seen on even more formats and to be given away free to more classrooms (see video here).

If you are familiar with the show’s format, you know that there were always special guests to read to the children. To reach the stretch goal, new reward levels are being added for 4 special Reading Rainbow LIVE! events with special guests from the cast of Star Trek.

You can get tickets for the shows themselves by clicking the episode above and donating to the cause at the required amount for the reward level or more if you are so generous. You can see the full list of rewards here including meet and greet levels and more. There rewards for contributors of all budget types and every dollar helps build a better future. Give what you can, but, most of all, pass the news on to other fans of literacy… and Star Trek… and a brighter future for the younglings of this fine planet.

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