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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Project

Imagine driving a car and not knowing the letters on the signs on the freeway. Imagine looking over a bottle of medicine and being unable to discern what the strange phonetics could mean. Imagine, going to the movie theater and not being able to tell the clerk which ticket you want because you can’t read the titles of the movies.

I pride myself on being able to imagine many things. It definitely helps in my career as a trying novelist and avid reader. However, if there would be anything I could not imagine, it would be being illiterate.

Not being able to read words in the English language is absolutely mind-boggling for me; I couldn’t even fathom looking at English words and not knowing what they meant. Reading is crucial in society, as it has been for a long time. It can be something as trivial as reading which movie is available to watch in the theater or as important as reading the instructions on a medication bottle- literacy is one of (if not, the) most important lesson a child will learn in their first years of academia.

But what about those children who don’t have the opportunity to learn? According to, “One in four children in the USA will grow up illiterate.” Lavar Burton, the host of the 1983 children’s program “Reading Rainbow” teamed up with in May 2014 to raise over $5,000,000, all to be donated to getting kids to start reading through multiple means of technology.

Through Kindles and iPads, the Reading Rainbow app can be purchased for use, but through this Kickstarter project, it would be available to stream online as well as devices such as Android, game consoles, and other types of technology (Forbes, 2014).
The multitude of ways to access Reading Rainbow will ensure that more children than ever have access to books, helping them learn how to read as well as gain an appreciation and enthusiasm for reading.

It’s so important to help encourage literacy among children. Not only is it necessary for daily life, but reading helps a person grow mentally and emotionally. Academically, avid readers are given an edge, not only because of the speed at which they can read, but because their comprehension levels are also high.

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