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Reading comprehension strategies and autism: Webinar for parents

Simple strategies for parents to increase reading comprehension

It can be so frustrating to watch your child successfully sound out words, but not have a good idea of the meaning of what he or she is reading. Reading comprehension can be very difficult for students on the spectrum and schools often don’t give your child enough of the right kind of help. The good news is that parents can learn techniques to help their child become better comprehenders, even if the school isn’t providing targeted reading instruction to your child. The key is skillfully applying strategies that draw on your child’s strengths and slowly increasing his or her skills in areas that are challenging.

Moms Fighting Autism welcomes Dr. Kari Miller to talk about specific techniques for improving comprehension and making homework smoother for your child.

Bookmark your calendars:
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 26
Time: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific time

Register in advance and submit your questions live online during the webinar!

Dr. Kari Miller mentors special needs students to improve their grades and increase their chances of getting into college, all while helping them develop their true talents. She is a certified educational therapist and director of Miller Educational Excellence.

You can download all 40 amazing episodes of my popular radio show by visiting my website and joining my community of parents and professionals who care about children with special learning needs. Get all 40 episodes of Special Kid School Talk on my website for *FREE*.


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