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Read the Shirley Temple autobiography, CHILDSTAR, to learn of her fame at having

CHILD STAR an autobiography by Shirley Temple Black
CHILD STAR an autobiography by Shirley Temple Black
Shirley Temple Black

starred in over forty major motion pictures if you wonder how Shirley Temple gave her persona of health and joy to so many people as "America's Little Darling" during times of despair.She was easily known as the "Poor Little Rich Girl"; and you may remember some more of her movies like, Babes in Toyland or Heidi or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. She was America's Sweetheart, Little Miss Broadway, and the first self reliant female full of joy and laughter and happy endings. Shirley Temple could sing and dance and act. She sold happiness in a healthy bunch of beloved movies for the whole family to enjoy. How could a child of today's fast paced world ever enjoy Shirley Temple movies and for what purpose? Well, the kids might have to visit grand-parents to do so - and that is all right. Grand-parents can be grand-parents who remember animal crackers in soup, may still play her movies - and give kids lollipops. Parents may be very surprised to know that their children enjoyed their visit. Afterall - "God Bless You, Sweet Dreams, Nighty Night", those are the words of Rebecca or otherwise Shirley Temple. Whatever the words are spoken in her movies, the voice of Shirley Temple will reach the soul of any child watching, and they always look forward to seeing her. Remember, English Language skills, are learned - In the Shirley Temple movies those skills are in action with polite words like please and thank-you. She will steal children's hearts and win their spirit to a happier disposition no matter what - for Shirley Temple will have understood the heart of a child all the way through the movie - which is perhaps why so many children have adored her. Shirley Temple may have been born the same year as your own mother or grandmother, in 1928, and started working in Show Business at the age of three. In the TV series The Red Skelton Hour of 1963 which was FILMED AT STUDIO 33, COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM ( CBS ) TELEVISION CITY, LA, CALIFORNIA, she was DEBUTANTE in LOVE IS A MANY SPLINTERED THING. - WITH THE BEACH BOYS. In The Story of Seabiscuit she was Margaret O'Hara working on a ranch in Kentucky where she convinced a horse-owner of the scraggly horse's amazing desire to become a winning race-horse. Margaret played by Shirley Temple was the young niece of the horse trainer. Her uncle, Shawn O'Hara was played by Barry Fitzgerald, from Dublin Ireland, and one of Hollywood's favorite actors due to his ability to capture the scene through his brogue. (The actor was given the name William Joseph Shields at birth, and he passed away in 1961 at age 72 - long live his brogue.) This 1949 movie, The Story of Seabiscuit, was written by John Taintor Foote of Colorado USA whom also wrote the screenplay for "The Mark of Zorro" (lived til 1950). Made his mark on young people in the United States. The Story of Seabiscuit quickly became a favorite movie to people in the United States as well as Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, and The United Kingdom. While Shirley Temple was an actor in over forty major motion pictures, she played a role in fifty-nine movies between the years 1932 and 1949. Movies began being made with this talented three year old playing a role in 1932 - they were short movies. She was a young actor in sixteen short movies that lasted between ten and twenty-one minutes only. The movie Red Haired Alibi in 1932 lasted seventy-five minutes. In it she plays a role as a friend to a gangster. Also in that movie is the handsome silent film actor the late Theodore Von Eltz as Trent Travers. All other of the five movies made in 1932 were short films. Shirley Temple played roles in eleven more movies in 1933; twelve movies in 1934 (with seven of those being given credit as major motion full length films) when she was just five years old; in 1935 four full length movies of an overall length of one hour long each starred Shirley Temple; and in 1936 four more full length movies were made starring the six year old darling. Three full movies were produced starring Shirley Temple in 1937 which included Heidi, a little orphan girl in her grandfather's care; and three more in 1938; and in the year 1939 two more movies were produced. In the years 1943 and 1946 Shirley Temple took a break with no movies made then. Otherwise, the 1940's continued to produce Shirley Temple movies. There were two in 1940; one apiece in 1941 and 1942; two in 1944; and in 1945 Kiss and Tell was produced. In the year 1947 three movies were produced with Shirley Temple as the star, and in 1948 she starred in only one movie. Finally, in 1949 the final four Shirley Temple movies were made which included The Story of Seabiscuit, and she was 18 years old. There seems to have been a siesta break in the life of Shirley Temple between the years of 1950 and 1957 when she would have been 19 to 27 years old, because during that time no productions in front of a camera were recorded as movies. Then in 1958 television took over the stardom of Shirley Temple as she had her own Storybook TV Series from 1958 to 1961. And in 1963, the Red Skelton TV Series aired with Shirley Temple. As if to warm our hearts even further, after it all, the wife, mother and grandmother, Shirley Temple Black said, "There is nothing like real love." Her autobiographical book titled CHILDSTAR was not used as research for this article. Instead, the International Movie Data Base was researched under her name. However, this article hopes to inspire further reading of CHILDSTAR. To learn more about Shirley Temple visit her website at: To purchase the book CHILD STAR an autobiography by Shirley Temple Black you can also go to

R.I.P. Shirley Temple Black