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Cat Perusing Paper

Parents have magazines. Explorers have magazines. Kids have magazines. Even pets have magazines!

And cats specifically have magazines, all the way from the slick to the purely informative. Here are three:

Cat Fancy is the slickest filled with articles on cat care as well as photo galleries ranging over a variety of topics from cats in England to cats in sinks to cat drawings by kids. A subscription to Cat Fancy is currently $15 for a year (12 issues). The same publishers also produce a magazine for dog lovers: Dog Fancy.

Your Cat is the most interesting choice--for U.S. subscribers--being a British magazine. It includes health articles, equipment tips, and, naturally, photo galleries. The subscription for those living in the United Kingdom is typically about 30 pounds for a year (one issue a month); for the "rest of the world," it is approximately 73 pounds a year ($124).

If the print price is too daunting, the digital version is available for approximately $30 for a year!

Catnip is a much less slick production than the other two. It doesn't contain many photo galleries! However, it is chock full of articles (and some black & white pictures). Catnip is a monthly newsletter on mostly health-related topics. It is produced by Tufts' Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. The cost is $20 for a year (12 issues).

Another newsletter-type production, also $20 for a year's worth of issues (12), is CatWatch, put out by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

So, pick up a magazine, curl up on the couch, and share an article with your cat. Whiskers or Snowball may not understand the words; they will appreciate what you learn about their species!

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