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Read “Deadly Assets” by Wendy Tyson

“Deadly Assets” is the second book in the Allison Campbell Mystery series by Wendy Tyson. The first book, “Killer Image,” blew me away. I named it to my “Best mystery books for book clubs 2014” list. I also listed Wendy Tyson as an author who deserves a greater readership. So expectations were high for the second book in the series. The second book met those expectations.

Cover of "Deadly Assets" by Wendy Tyson
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In the story Allison is working with two very different clients. Francesca is a reclusive Italian heiress from the Finger Lakes with little business experience. She needs help to take over the four hundred million dollar empire left by the death of her brother. Tammy is the eighteen year old contestant on “America’s Next Pop Star” with an incredible voice and no stage presence. They both disappear on the same day with Allison’s associate, Vaughn, being the last to see them. Allison becomes involved to figure out what happened, save Vaughn and her business. The result is a tightly woven mystery which is as Allison states in the book, “About family heartache. About the lengths one would go to hide a loved one from pain-and accountability.”

As with the first book, the strength of the book is the psychological drama and relationships. “Deadly Assets” focuses on the power of the mother child bond.

On the opening page of Wendy’s webpage she writes, “I love determined, gutsy women. Women who aren't afraid to go after what they want. Women who aren't afraid to speak up, to laugh, to fight for the underdog, to fall in love. Women who aren't afraid to live. Every day, I aspire to be that kind of woman. In the meantime, I write about them.” She is telling us about both herself and her main character Allison Campbell.

The writing at times in the book is almost like poetry, starting with the first sentence in the book, “The hawk fell from the sky like a bomb, its body graceless in death.” Author Anna L. Davis calls this micotension, using small amounts of emotion and imagery to build suspense. This technique Wendy expertly applies throughout the book.

Five stars out of five.
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