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Read and Win: 156-facet Cusion-cut Le Vian Chocolate Quartz!

LeVian chocolate collection
LeVian chocolate collection
Le Vian

I recall browsing about Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry in Uptown for a unique piece, bespeaking the latest and best Hollywood trend: “estate elegance.” Such pieces are more wearable art, large and bold, with classic elements of diamonds and gold strewn throughout. And far in the back of the building, I found it: a 10-carat Amethyst Le Vian piece wound in rose-gold with a rich array of chocolate diamonds. It was to be mine.

One Eddie LeVian is the author of this masterpiece, just one of the elegantly crafted, vast array known as the Le Vian Collection, featuring a jewelry lover's mecca of both limited-edition and one-of-a-kind designs. If you are passionate about the rich charms of finer accessories, then don't miss LeVian's one-day celebration at Albuquerque Uptown's Jared jewelers. On Thursday, November 17th, the Le Vian show will feature famed brands, including Le Vian Couture, Arusha Exotics by Le Vian, Le Vian Red Carpet, and more. On display, you'll find rich chocolate diamonds, brilliant oversized jemstones in deep blue, red, purple, and green; and a wide variety of sophisticated cuts to best suit each individual stone.

Two new design sets on display this day will include stunning natural fancy color yellow diamonds and cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires—the brand hundreds of celebrities like Hollywood royalty Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore, and Pink are wearing at award shows, movie premiers and international events, including Jennifer Lopez (one of fashion's top trendsetters) who chose to wear Le Vian at over a dozen public occasions, including the audition tapings for this season's American Idol.

Le Vian fans are encouraged to visit the facebook fan page at; during November, the company is donating five dollars per new fan 'like' (up to $26K) to the Lustgarten Foundation in support of National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Visit the “Spotlight on Le Vian” tab to check out the latest celebs sporting designs, and those magazines featuring them.

And in the spirit of this celebration, the Albuquerque Business News Examiner would like to reward its readers as well, with a Le Vian 156-facet, Cushion cut chocolate Quartz gemstone weighing over one carat: the perfect gift for your 'someone special' this holiday season, and ready to set. Simply be a subscriber to the ABNE by clicking the button above -or- hit the “like” button on ABNE's main page, listing our latest features, including “How to Thrive in the 2012 Economy.” One ABNE subscriber or fan will be randomly selected on November 16th and win this exclusive Le Vian gift!*

...See you at the showing!


*Prize is exclusive to the Albuquerque Business News Examiner by Amythyst Marciano, Ph.D. only, and is not associated with any other columns.

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