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Read a Shocking Story of Love and Betrayal in Becks' Latest Novel

Sarah Becks

All relationships should stem from a place of reciprocal love, trust, and understanding. When it comes to marriages, these things become all the more important, because the two partners have to share everything for the rest of their life: both the good and the bad, their joys and sorrows, the successes and the failures. But if this balance, this state of harmony and understanding is disturbed by either of the partners through lies, the relationship is bound to fail.

Sarah Becks depicts in her novel, “A Naive Heart,” such a situation, where one of the spouses conceals the truth from the other, thus compromising their marriage. The author wrote on the themes of love, marriage, family, and betrayal, telling the story of Sarah and her husband, John. Sarah had been married for several years when John finally began showing is real face. When she realizes how things actually are and that her apparently loving, honest husband is hiding a dark secret, their relationship is ruined. Although at first John managed to hide his desires, using his marriage as façade, his true nature still showed through, making Sarah feel betrayed and deceived.

“A Naive Heart” determines the reader to ask himself or herself delicate, yet important questions regarding marriage. A few such questions are: is a man capable of hiding his real self from his wife for years, completely betraying her?; how well can the two partners know each other?; how much should be shared in a relationship and how much kept private?; does being direct and honest represent the best way to go at all times?; can a marriage weakened by lies be rebuilt?

Sarah Becks has managed to skillfully depict a rather sensitive issue, expressing in words the difficulties and contradictory feelings of an innocent person when faced with a corrupted one. After reading “A Naive Heart,” you will be left with a new perspective on life and you will find yourself pondering upon your own relationships, both past and present.

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