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Reaction to the new Chancellor

A new chancellor
A new chancellor
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When asked about her reaction to the newly appointed chancellor, a NYC school employee declared, “We are very hopeful”. The new Chancellor has a teaching background and perhaps “teachers can be happier in the classrooms”.

The appointment: UFT, reports the new chancellor, Carmen Farina, was appointed by the newly elected NYC Mayor De Blasio December 30, 2013. The President of UFT, Michael Mulgrew, endorses Carmen Farina with his stated appreciation for her strong teaching background within the NYC school system.

Qualifications: Mayor De Blasio avowed he appointed Carmen Farina as the new chancellor because “she understands the system and knows what teachers and principals are going through because she lived it”. There is no questioning Farina’s qualifications, she has been an educator for about 30 years. She has a principal and superintendent background, as well as serviced in major educational roles within NYC.

Her commitment: Chancellor Farina understanding the demand for a better educational process made commitments to work with teachers, parents and the community. Testing is important but she assured that the focus will not be “high-stakes testing”. Furthermore accepting the importance of the arts, she committed to putting it back into the school’s curriculum. Chancellor Farina asserted “To me, all change happens in the classroom. We know what needs to be done; we just need the freedom and inspiration to get it done.