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Reach your fitness goals by keeping your routine fresh



With January nearly coming to a close, it's common that many fitness resolutions for 2010 will begin to hit some adversity. Frustration from lack of progress, schedule conflicts and a declining motivation are usually the kind of roadblocks many people will see. One of the most important concepts to consider is keeping your fitness routine fresh.

Learning how to keep your routine fresh will benefit you in many different ways. It can help you avoid the dreadful plateau in your results as well as maintaining and increasing your motivation and desire to continue exercising. For some people the change could be as simple as switching up their music, but others may need more like switching the style of exercise. People with cardiovascular goals tend to religiously use treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and other cardio machines, which may seem boring and somewhat restricting at times. A change of scenery like running or walking in a different environment could help.

Another option could be taking a kickboxing or cardio style class at your gym or fitness center. Classes can benefit people from all fitness levels and present great total body challenges. If classes aren’t your thing, try digging some swim trunks out of your summer wardrobe and swimming some laps at the YMCA or Edge Sports and Fitness.

All of the heavy lifters with muscle mass goals would also benefit from keeping their routine fresh because shocking muscles with different routines, exercises and proper technique helps stimulate growth. Moderate repetitions with challenging weights can be just as if not more effective than low repetitions with heavy weights. If your routine is designed for high repetitions with low weights, try adding a one second pause in the middle of the set at the top of a repetition. Hold and squeeze, then finish the set. Depending on your fitness level you could try adding multiple pauses or increasing the duration of the pause for a more challenging set.

Keeping it fresh is all about being creative. Challenge yourself and keep your long term goals in mind and your short term goals in focus.


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