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'Reach Me' Trailer Features Sylvester Stallone, Nelly, Terry Crews, and More

"There's no stopping someone that will stop at nothing", begins the trailer for Reach Me, a dramatic ensemble that features Sylvester Stallone in the rare role that doesn't require him to blow anything up or punch someone in the face. It's been nearly two decades since Stallone put on his drama hat in Cop Land, a film that was ripped at the time but has since been recognized as one of the actor's finer least compared to his latter Rocky, Rambo, and The Expendables efforts. And now Stallone is ready to show what he can do again but the trailer suggests the film may not be up to par.

Sylvester Stallone reaches for his phone in 'Reach Me'
Stallone Zone

Stallone is surrounded by a cast that immediately pegs this as something headed for Redbox with the quickness. Kelsey Grammer and Terry Crews (Sly's buds in The Expendables 3), Cary Elwes, Thomas Jane, Ryan Kwanten, Tom Sizemore, Tom Berenger, Kevin Connolly, The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan, Agents of SHIELD's Elizabeth Henstridge, Kyra Sedgewick, ex-New York Giants fullback Jarrod Bunch, Nelly, and Danny Aiello star as a group of people who are all connected by a self help guru's book, but little do they know he's just a reclusive former football coach with his own problems to deal with.

John Herzfeld (15 Minutes) directed and wrote the script so if it looks like a poor man's Crash then he's the one to hold responsible. Reach Me will open on October 24th.

PLOT: A comedy/drama centered on a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach.

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