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Re-style summer sandals

Turn up the heat on your summertime sandals!
Turn up the heat on your summertime sandals!
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Have no fear, summertime is near! So many of us have awaited warmer temps since the crazy winter weather most Philadelphians and other east coasters had. With the chilled frozen air thawed out we can all finally whip out the shorts, maxi dresses, short-sleeves, tank tops, wedges, flip flops and whatever you love to wear most during summer! Now, for those of you (like me) who have yet to dig out your summer shoes you probably need to do an inventory of what you have, what you can toss or maybe donate, and what you might need to add on (within good budget-friendly reason). If you already have your summer shoes at the ready then this article will help you on how-to re-style and polish up your shoes so that they are just about new! Here's how:


If you spent some time at the beach last summer or like most people just your average city dirt on them, your sandals could use some T.L.C. Depending on the kind of sandal material that you have this recommendation will be of help. For sandals that are rubber, plastic, leather, or cork take an old towel or cloth you don't use, dampened with warm soapy water and begin to wipe off the inside of the pair of sandals. For flip flops simply hose them down or try the previous recommendation. Then, viola your sandals are fresh, clean and ready to wear!

Color me summer

Have you ever thought about adding some color dye to an old or fairly new sandal? Well, you can definitely try a DIY sandal coloring session at home. You'll need a few items to achieve this project but the main thing is a bottle of dye, a popular brand “Rit” is an option. You can find it in many places like Walmart & Jo-Ann Fabric for about $4.00. This sandal coloring session will work best on a leather or cotton sandal to really allow the color to pop! Consider this blogs how-to advice here.

Shoes that sparkle

Think about how fun it would be to add embellishments to your sandals! For a flip flop shoe, or just a simple sandal with a cross strap at the ankle, or if part of the sandal goes in-between your toes, you can add a touch of style. If you have any floral hair clips pin it at the in-between part of the sandal or somewhere along the cross strap. For a more sparkly look try a similar tactic with rhinestone hair clips or even if you own a brooche, or giant post earring. If you're feeling bold you can hot glue on some rhinestones (Michael's Arts & Crafts $2.99 a pack) along the straps of your sandals.

….Sparkle, shimmer, shine in your sandals and enjoy the approaching summer!

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