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Re-purposing broken clay garden pots

Stop! Don't toss those broken garden pots, no matter how bad they look.
Stop! Don't toss those broken garden pots, no matter how bad they look.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Stop! Don't toss those broken garden pots, no matter how bad they look. They can almost always be turned into something useful. Broken clay pots are especially versatile in the garden. Most of the time they can even still be used as planters. What if they look a bit odd? If they still hold soil and a plant, go for it. Think of it as the whimsical, yet practical look.

What to do with:

Clay pots with broken sides

You gave the clay pot a little bump? Part of the side broke off? No problem. It can be used to showcase the beauty of the whole plant. As long as there is enough depth left to plant in, this can make a pretty display. It's even better if the plant spills out over the edge. No one but you will ever know about your little accident. They'll just think you did it on purpose.

Clay pots with gaping holes

Think strawberry pots. If you have a hole in the side of a clay pot, you have a potential spilling strawberry planter. Just carefully tap a few more random holes into it with a lightweight hammer. Strawberries can be planted in and grow out of the holes. Pot shards can be used to keep the strawberry plants stable until roots take hold.

Clay pots with missing bottoms

Clay pots with missing bottoms can be “planted” in the garden. They form a border to block weeds, while still allowing roots to dig deep. They can also help conserve water. The pot directs water straight to the root, rather than letting it dissipate. The ring rises above ground so you know exactly wear to water.

Clay pots with broken rims

Save the rims from broken clay pots. Fill the pot with soil and small plants. Use the rim to separate the pot into levels and/or sections. Plant each section with something different. You can also position the curved broken rim to look like a winding stair up the center of the pot. Add some small statuary to make a whole scene in your broken clay pot.

Broken clay pot pieces

Use broken pieces of clay pots in the bottom of other pots for better drainage. It'll save you the expense of purchasing rock. They can also be utilized in mosaic art. If you have a lot of clay pot fragments, paint them in various colors. Glue them to the outside of another pot in a simple pattern for a unique look.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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