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Re-purpose mismatched china in the home and garden

Recycle plates like these as home and garden decor.
Recycle plates like these as home and garden decor.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Maybe you collect china like most folks collect friends. Perhaps Great Grandma's wedding gift has been through one too many generations of brides. In any case, you have some mismatched china you don't know what to do with. You don’t want to throw it away. You don't have enough of it to piece together a set. How can you re-purpose mismatched china in the home or garden?

In the home:

Make a pretty stand with an old serving dish.

Got an old stool base sitting around collecting dust? Why not re-purpose it? Simply glue a mismatched china serving dish or platter to the top. This idea works whether you just have the base or the whole stool. The bowl on top is multipurpose. Use it as a key collector, a candy dish or whatever you have a need for.

Mismatched china plates make elegant hanging plant holders.

*Drill 4 evenly spaced holes around the edge of a pretty china plate.

*Knot 4 equal sized pieces of sturdy rope.

*String the rope through the holes, letting the knots catch to hold the plate.

*Place your plant on the plate.

*Tie the 4 ropes together at the top, leaving plenty of space for your plant to grow.


Drilling tips:

*Take it slow, to avoid breakage.

*Practice drilling a broken piece first, if you can.

Who says decorative wall plates have to match?

Who says they even have to be plates? Why not create a wall mural using all your mismatched china?

Make little shelves for cups and saucers (or hang them more creatively). Glue the cups to the saucers and suspend them. Hang them with the saucer bowls facing outward. Try different combinations. This is an awesome re-purposing project you can work on gradually over time.

In the garden:

Tea cup bird feeders fill the bill.

Tea cups are a natural fit in the garden. Chalk it up to those Victorian tea parties. Why leave the birds out? Once again, glue your cups and saucers together. If the handle is intact, attach a string there for hanging. You'll need to drill 2 more holes and insert knotted string to hang the bird feeder straight. Place them an equal distance from each other and the handle string. Knot all 3 strings together to hang.

Note: Using a slightly larger plate gives the birds a bigger perch.

Bathe your birds in style.

Your garden birds have eaten. Why not give them a drink? They'll love an awesome bird bath made with mismatched china. Plus, it'll brighten up your garden with Victorian charm.

You will need;

*A post hole digger.

*A drill

*A 4x4x4 painted (by you) post

*A china bowl

*A screw with washer.


*Make a foot deep hole where you want your bird bath.

*Insert a prettily painted 4x4 post into the hole.

*Fill the hole back in with dirt.

*Tamp dirt firmly around the post.

*Drill a hole in the center of the bowl

*Drill a the screw/washer through the hole, into the post.

Now that I've got you started

I'm betting you'll find all kind of uses for that old china in the home and garden. Maybe you can even piece together a funky mismatched set for when company comes to visit. Who knows? You might even start a trend.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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