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Re-defining plus size


 A different reflection on being a plus-size woman

Our American society long ago became obsessed with being PC (politically correct). Yet the fashion world continues to label those of us with more voluptuous figures as ‘Plus’ Size Women. What comes to mind when you think of Plus-Size? If that ‘Plus’ label has been applied to you, how did it make you feel? Were you offended? Angry? Did you shrink back from embarrassment? If you were at a restaurant when the label was casually tossed into the conversation, did you suddenly lose your appetite or decide all you wanted was the salad? Was the little voice in your head saying, I know she’s referring to me?

If your answer to any of those questions is “yes,” you are truly my sisters. I have always hated the label ‘Plus’ and have been known to rant at length on the subject. My goal is to always convey accurate information in my articles. Therefore, I went fact-finding with the idea of spreading ‘Plus’ label venom among my readers with verifiable information. I barely got started before I came up with verifiable information that will definitely interest all to whom that label has been applied. Let me tell you, honestly, that ignorance is not bliss.

Are you sitting down? I am a big fan of the dictionary. So I looked up the word ‘Plus’ and found the following definitions: (adjective) meaning favorable, desirable, or advantageous; (noun) a positive quantity or amount, something beneficial or advantageous; (synonyms) advantage, bonus, benefit, good thing… Bet you didn’t see that coming. I’ve been barking all this time about what is actually a compliment. Who knew? Did you know? Well…if not, you do now.

So, I am thrilled to begin my stint as Charlotte Plus-Size Examiner by sharing a quick vocabulary lesson with all my readers. Pay attention. I may test you later. The next time you hear the words ‘Plus-Size’ remember what you are really hearing is ‘Favorable-Size’, ‘Desirable-Size’, or ‘Beneficial-Size’. Those are my favorites. You pick your own. Please be sure to let me know what best suits you. Then wear that label proudly as you walk down the street, into your favorite restaurant or social event, or even through the grocery store because you are on the ‘Plus’ side of life.