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Razor cutting: A dying art

Less and less razor cutting is being taught in beauty schools nationwide and the main focus is being honed in on more blunt cutting with the shears. During the razor cutting era, everyone had to have it, but the razor's weren't the best and professionals in the industry had a lot to learn regarding technique.

These hair cuts are all great styles for the razor!
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Technology has come ten-fold from way back then. Razor's are now made without those hard metal guards that actually scrape the hair shaft up while cutting which resulted in frizz. Today most guards are made out of flexible materials right on the blades that bend with the blade as the stylist cuts your hair. Not only has the design of razors progressed tremendously over the years, but also the industries knowledge regarding technique and how to handle every hair type. Now it is important that the stylist know when to change their blades and also use a good amount of leave-in conditioner while cutting with the razor. (If you can hear your stylist cutting your hair with the razor, it's time for a new blade)

When would you ask for razor over shears? When you are looking for a more textured cut, or you want your hair thinned out. If you have thin hair, the razor can also be beneficial by adding a network of body building texture to help create extra volume and fullness within the interior of the haircut. The razor is also great for those whispy's around the face and neck that give short haircuts for women the femininity without the commitment of longer hair.

Now if you still like to have a blunt cut, you can still always get your hair thinned with the razor. Which is much better then the old-fashioned thinning shears, as well as to add texture to the finer haired individuals too. It is still possible that your stylist can achieve the textured look with just her shears and thinning shears however stylists have more control with the razor. Hair should be cut in the direction you would like it go, and with the razor that is more of a possibility then with the shears unless your stylist is ambidextrous.

Even though the focus of razor cutting is becoming less and less, don't give up. There are still stylists who love to razor cut and will be happy to accommodate your every need. So don't let a stylist, who is obviously scare or scarred, (depending on how you want to look at it) tell you you are not a candidate for the razor because in the right situation, everyone is!

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