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Razor blades found glued to playground equipment: Child cuts hand on monkey bar

Razor blades glued to playground equipment at an Illinois playground cut the hands of a two-year-old toddler who grabbed onto the monkey bars to play. Police report about a dozen razor blades were found glued at the East Moline playground, according to KCCI Channel 8 News on March 25.

Razor blades glued to playground equipment causes toddler to cut his hand, police investigating.
YouTube screen shot

The razor blades were glued to the playground equipment at Millennium Park on Archer Ave. The culprits used a white, putty-like substance to keep the razor blades in place.

The razor blades were found on other playground equipment and on the ground around the play area. While police believe it is a prank, some parents are concerned that it is more than kids playing a dangerous game.

Lt. Brian Foltz of the East Moline Police Department said:

"East Moline parks are safe, but it's just a bad situation, bad instance where somebody or maybe a group of kids, I don't know did this, but figured this would be a fun prank to do."

Police checked other area parks around the town and didn’t find anything. Ty Langley, a parent who brings his kids to the park said:

"We just kind of think about them swinging on the swing set or, you know, climbing the monkey bars. You really don't think about razor blades.”

Police are asking anyone with any information about this crime call Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500309-762-9500 or the Police at 309-752-1552309-752-1552.


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