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Raytheon Activates Laser Technology From Sci-Fi Movies


US firm Raytheon, according to BBC News, has unveiled its anti-aircraft laser at the Farnborough Airshow in Hampshire.

In a series of tests performed at the Farnborough Air Show in Hampshire, the laser beam shot down several unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Raytheon anticipates use in naval ships as a “last line of defense.”

Since 1960, laser beam weaponry has been tested and used to rely on toxic chemical reactions from fuel input. Raytheon's solid state laser uses glass or ceramic materials to generate a beam. However, a large amount of input is required to create the beam.

Speaking to BBC News, Raytheon Missile Systems' vice president, Mike Booen, said that the tests, performed in a maritime environment, were a big step forward for laser technology.

In the near future, will we see laser canon weapons such the powerful 4 barrel canons used in Star Wars?

"On land, it could be mounted in trailers so it has applications across the globe," said Mr Booen.

The next step will indeed be hand-to-hand laser weapons, such as the Jedi lightsaber and Star Trek's phaser II weapon.