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Robert Watson and "The Martian Chronicles" paintings at Capital Antiques

Jodi Emmer

Next to Et Viola, one of the finest French Restaurants in the Washington D.C. area stands Capital Antiques which contains some of the finest art in Washington D.C. The collection is hand selected by its one owner, who travels around to find some of the most unique and original pieces of the city. Seventy percent of his stock comes from Estate liquidations in the area. The other thirty percent comes from his travels abroad and to Canada.

Mars in all her beauty
jodi emmer

Hussam Albiek is the owner and collector for all objects in his store. He has been in business for 34 years although not in the same location. The store is located at 5122 MacArthur Blvd NW Washington D.C. 20016. His phone number is (202) 966-4887 and his email is

The furniture is really something, not just old or dated but, sturdy pieces that would stand the test of time and compliment any room due to its artistic nature and creative design. It is however, the Robert Watson art pieces that simply steal the show in this store.

Robert Watson worked on the cover art work of the 1951 edition of “The Martian Chronicles” The book is a collection of short stories written by the ever creative and imaginative Ray Bradbury. It is required reading in most of the public schools in America. The stories are fantastic and surreal, they stand the test of time in their own way.

Ray Bradbury and Raymond Walston bring to light these incredible artistic paintings of what life on Mars may resemble. They offer a glimpse into that time period, and some of the greatest science fiction work ever published. The paintings individually sell somewhere in the nature of $12,000 per painting and they add pure creative genius to any art collection here in the Capital City or anywhere in the world.

Washington D.C. is so fortunate to have this wonderful antique store to offer these beautiful and restored pieces from other art collections and other places. He has a lot of repeat clients who continually add to their collections.

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