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Rayman Legends exclusive: Parodied characters make up new additions on next-gen

Ready for more Legends?
Ready for more Legends?

A series that is known for making fun, entertaining references to other entertainment media around the world is taking their light-hearted parodies to other successful franchises within its own publisher.

Recently, spoke with Rayman Legends' lead game designer Emile Morel about the various Ubisoft character parodies the game will have on Xbox One and PS4.

"Yes, there will new playable characters to select in the Gallery of Heroes on each next gen console. On PS4, you’ll find Assassin Ray, a character inspired by Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

"On Xbox One, you’ll have Splinter Ray, a character inspired by the famous Sam Fisher, as well as Ray Vaas and Far Glob, 2 characters inspired by Vaas, the psychotic villain from Far Cry 3. On both versions, players will also have to possibility to use their Uplay points to buy a new character called Funky Ray. And as I mentioned before, the best online players in our community may be rewarded with an exclusive VIP character called Champion Ray.

"The inspiration for these new characters came from the team working on the game. We really like the idea of placing cameos from other famous video games characters inside our game. Since the Rayman universe is already filled with so many references to movies, books and songs, this is something that works really well for us.

"We definitely want to thank the teams from these different games who were nice enough to let us to take inspiration from their characters and Raymanize them to create wacky new (but familiar) Heroes!" Morel said.

Rayman characters from Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Splinter Cell are nice additions to the already entertaining cast in Rayman Legends, but we were hoping to see some based off of Aiden from Watch Dogs and other upcoming Ubisoft franchises.

While we won't be able to see them now, perhaps the next iteration of Rayman will see the inclusion of Ubisoft's newest IPs, like The Crew, The Division and Watch Dogs. Rayman Legends slams onto the Xbox One and PS4 this coming Feb. 18th.

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