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Rayman is back and having more fun then ever before

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Rayman and his friends are back in Rayman Jungle Run. In this game, you play as either Rayman, Globox, Dark Rayman, or Globox Outfit as you jump, fly, wall run, and punch your way through various worlds on your quest to collect all the Lums. In the first four worlds, you learn how to jump, fly, wall run, and punch. In the next world you use all of these skills to collect the Lums in each level. The one feature of this game that makes it very exciting to play is the timing. In every level, precise timing is required to collect all the Lums. For instance, in one of the levels in the jump world, you have to jump at the right time to avoid missing a ledge or platform. In the fly worlds, you have to fly at the proper time to land on the right spot to collect a Lum. In the wall run worlds, you have to jump at the peak of every wall run to avoid missing a Lum. In the punch worlds, you have to use the jump and punch skill to collect every Lum in the levels. Once you complete the jump, fly, wall run, and punch worlds, the next world really tests your skills as you use all of your abilities to try to collect every Lum in each level. This game really requires alot of practice to be able to collect all the Lums. The graphics are really nice for the Windows 8 version. I really like how every world is really unique and has it's own theme. The controls are really simple too for the Windows 8 version. The space bar is pretty much used for all the abilities. You could also click on the icon on the screen to perform a ability, but the space bar is much easier. Out of all the Rayman games out there, this one is defiantly a must have for any Rayman fan. The game is simple to play, and presents a very nice challenge.

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